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  1. Jacob Immigration Consultancy Services open up Jumpstart Creatives to opportunities by assisting us on all our business permits and documents. We appreciate your genuine assistance.

  2. MRose Gutierrez DP says:

    JICS, has been very helpful with our company with regards, but not limited to the processing of visa and work permit. they have maintained their high caliber of service, despite of their numerous clients.

  3. Mr. Cheng says:

    Jacob Immigration is an efficient and reliable source of Visa Services for our company. Once the visa application began, everything went flawlessly and all permits and visas were delivered to us in a timely manner. They are a trusted partner for us. Keep up the good work!

  4. Melissa T. says:

    Jacob Immigration Consultancy Services has provided fast, reliable and trustworthy visa services to my company. They provide efficient and effective solutions and services to us on visa extensions, work visas and work visa downgrades. I commend them for their service and I highly recommended them for your visa needs and solutions.

  5. Many thanks very handy. Will share site with my pals

  6. Jackson says:

    Wow, stunning website. Thnx …

  7. Jesse Ko says:

    I have recently worked with Mel regarding the downgrading of my family’s visa from 9G to 9a. Everything was done professionally in timely manner. She communicated effectively to keep us informed throughout the whole process.

    I highly recommend her for your visa needs. I will definitely come back to her for my future needs.

    Thanks Mel!!!

  8. Eunice Liu says:

    I want to express my extreme gratitude and awe at the expertise, customer service and absolute niceness of the people here in Jacob Immgration company. Staff’s here are knowledgeable, patient and helpful to me.

    I was really amazed at the speed of the downgrading of my working visa and the visa extension for my Mom. This was overall the best experience i’ve ever had dealing with a visa consultancy. Outstanding company! Highly recommended! 🙂

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