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CEZA Working Visa (CWV)
April 22, 2016

Dependent Visa

Visa Immigration Philippines - Jacob Immigration Dependent Visa

As a Working Visa holder, you may apply for a Dependent's Visa for your family. You may convert their Tourist Visitor’s Visa (9a) to a Dependent Visa.

The following dependents may apply to join you for residence in the Philippines:

  1. Spouse (husband or wife)
  2. Unmarried children under 21 years old

Dependent Visa will be granted upon submission of proof of relationship, such as authenticated Birth Certificates, Marriage Contract and/or any sufficient proof of blood relationship. Dependent visa is tied to the validity period of the principal’s visa. Once principal’s visa expires, the dependant’s visa also expires.

Please note that holders of dependent visas are not permitted to work in the Philippines whether for part time or full-time.


(from filing and submission of complete documents)

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